ProLine Sand Paw 2.8 auf F-11 Felge schwarz / PRO1186-15

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This is a pair of Sand Paw 2.8" Tires pre-mounted on F-11 Wheels. Pro-Line is very excited to announce the availability of the Sand Paw 2.8" pre-mounted to the wheel that you need. Making your truck the toughest looking one on the block has never been easier now with the Sand Paw Tires pre-mounted to the F-11 wheels. We take the guess work out of your glue job by doing the mounting for you so you can spend your time having fun!

Get ready to have some serious fun playing in the Sand and Snow because Pro-Line has Sand Paw 2.8" tires that are perfect for your Electric Stampede® and Rustler®Trucks! There is nothing like the rush of ripping through the sand dunes or shredding the fresh powdery snow with your truck. Other tires will just slip around in the sand and snow but the Sand Paw tires will grip, rip and roost! If you have ever wanted to make your truck fully capable in the sand or snow, Pro-Line once again has you covered with the pre-mounted Sand Paw 2.8" tires!

When running your Pro-Line Tires in Water, Mud, or Sand foreign materials can enter the Tire. If this occurs, the foam Inserts can begin to break down and the tire can become excessively heavy or unbalanced, causing unnecessary wear.
Placing a piece of waterproof tape (such as Duct Tape) over the Wheel Vent Hole is a quick and easy method of preventing anything from getting inside Your Tires.


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.
Stampede®, Rustler® are registered trademarks of Traxxas® L.P

Tire Features:

  • Huge Paddles Perfect for Stampede® and Stampede® 4X4
  • Grip and Rip through the Sand and Snow
  • Awesome Split Paddle Technology for Highest Possible Traction
  • Sand Paw Tires Also Available Separately
  • Made in the USA, since 1982 - Read about Pro-Line Racing's History

Wheel Features:

  • Tough 11 Spoke Wheel Style
  • Satin Black Finish
  • Scale Molded in Bead-loc Ring and Lug Nuts
  • Wheel Made from High-Strength, Durable DuPont Nylon Material
  • New P-L Racing Logo and Styling
  • F-11 Wheels Also Available Separately
Height:   5.22" (133mm)
Width:   2.70" (69mm)


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