Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Rx-R / FLZA4024

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Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver Rx-R

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The original DHC-2 Beaver is one of the most widely used bush planes in the world. The original model by Flyzone is one of the most popular and sought after remote controlled aircraft on the market. Now, experience the ease and versatility of the original Beaver in the Island Wings Beaver with a sleek trim scheme modeled on a real Alaskan bush plane!"Lady Esther" -- the full-scale de Havilland Beaver that inspired this model -- is piloted by self-described "flight junkie" Michelle Masden. Owner of Island Wings Air Service®, Masden uses the aircraft to take visitors on sightseeing tours of the Alaskan wilds. Learn more about Masden and the Lady Esther at!

- Authentically detailed trim scheme
- Detailed AeroCell foam construction
- Floats with water rudders
- Conventional landing fear with tundra-style tires
- Steerable tailwheel
- Navigation and landing lights
- Hinged flaps
- Brushless motor
- 40A ESC
- Easy access battery hatch
- Two-piece wing with carbon fiber spars
- Carbon fiber reinforced stabilizer

Technical specification:
Length: 38.5" (980mm)
Wingspan: 59.5" (1510mm)
Weight: 48-52 oz (1360-1470 g)
Center of Gravity: 2" and 2.50" (51mm and 64mm) back from leading
edge of bottom of wing

Rx-R Island Wings DHC-2 Beaver Bush Plane with Brushless Motor, 40A ESC, Floats with Water Rudders, Wheels, Micro Servos, Navigation + Landing Lights and Instruction Manual

- Radio: 4+-channel (if using flaps, 6ch radio is required)
- Battery: LiPo 11.1V, at least 1800mAh
- Battery Charger
- LiPO charge bag, tools and field equipment

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